Welcome to the Thrill Design Club’s website! The Thrill Design Club is focused on learning about theme park engineering and design, as well as gaining some hands-on experience in this exciting industry. We generally meet on the first Tuesday of every month in EGR2164 (the DeWalt seminar room) at 7:00pm.

We have a lot of fun and exciting projects going on this semester, and look forward to meeting you!

Check out some other pages on this site for more information.

Questions? Contact wemakethrillsumd@gmail.com to reach our President, Devon Cogan.


Thrill Design Club Mission Statement:

“Thrill Design Club” is established for the purpose of educating its members about theme park engineering and design, and the industry surrounding it. This organization will expose its members to inside information, networking opportunities, and possible career paths relating to theme park engineering and design. Through first-hand experience, members will gain a better understanding of this specified industry. There are no majors or classes directly related to theme park engineering or design at the University of Maryland, College Park, so we will do our best to educate and include anyone interested in this field of study. “Thrill Design Club” understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland, College Park policies.